We train people from workplace to home on how to deal with conflict in their lives.

Dr. Andrew Kitchenham standing in front of employees in a heated discussion

Decades of Experience

Since 1995, I’ve been providing professional workshops and services to clients from across Canada and beyond.

From conflict resolution to executive coaching to independent workplace investigations, my focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship. I’ll work with you to create a customized plan of action for you or your organization. All of my services can be delivered face to face, online, or a combination of the two as well as self-paced options. I prefer to meet my clients to get a good sense of their conflict management needs and the first consultation is no charge. Get in touch to learn more about my consulting and coaching approaches.

AAA Service

Equipped with extensive experience in all forms of coaching, conflict resolution, conflict mediation, independent workplace investigations, personality and conflict assessments, parenting plans for marriage breakdowns, and working with unionized and non-unionized environments, I am confident that you will receive AAA service.



Whether an individual or an organization, you need to assess constantly for any signs of dysfunction or discontent, communication breakdowns, misunderstanding or misinterpretations so as to create a workable environment in which conflict is perceived as positive as it can effect change quite quickly as assessment starts the change process.

My mandate is to assist you in assessing the situation and then provide a tailor-made plan based on that assessment.



Setting goals in your work- or personal life follows that assessment and provides a manageable aim for change to occur. The aim might be related to your company or organization mission statement or vision or to your personal goals in training, coaching, or life.

My mandate is to work with you and other stakeholders to not only set goals based on your constant assessment but also to plan strategies, procedures, policies, and practice for your work- or personal lives.



Once you have assessed constantly and planned a reasonable and attainable aim, the need to adapt becomes paramount. We know that solving a problem does not make it disappear or using specific strategies might not always work week in and week out. Adaptation is the key.

My mandate is to work with you—especially in my tailor-made modules— to constantly adapt within a time period we have all agreed upon.