Conflict Resolution Assistance

Results-Driven conflict resolution is my speciality!

Conflict Resolution in action as two people arguing at a conference table while the rest of the group watches the conflict unfold.

Conflict Resolution is inevitable in any environment but it is prevalent in the workplace. According to one expert, workplace conflict is “a condition between or among workers whose jobs are interdependent, who feel angry, who perceive the other(s) as being at fault, and who act in ways that cause a business problem” (emphasis added, p. 5). I will assist you as an individual, a group, or as an organization to resolve conflicts before they become a problem and you require remedial assistance.

In other words, conflict happens all the time and especially in the workplace. The best approach for dealing with conflict in the workplace is to identify what is happening and to use assumptions that are being made as a focus for the situation. So, an effective beginning approach is to focus on the conflict situation, the impact of that conflict on others, the key issues so you can use effective strategies. I work closely with my clients to ensure that they follow the AAA approach: Assess, Aim, and Adapt so we can arrive at a results-driven conclusion!

This service is billed at $375.00 + GST/per hour.

Please watch the brief video below and think about what you see that represents a typical conflict situation and how to deal with it. Of course, like any personality-based situation, there is a great deal of variance so the focus is always on results.

Watch this brief video on what conflict can look like in the workplace.