Independent Workplace Investigation

Independent Workplace Investigation depicted by a magnifying glass hovering over several words like deceptions and lies, at the center of which is Facts

I believe in uncovering disputes as information is often buried or obscured—knowingly or unknowingly—by the participants due to their conflict narratives. My investigative approach allows me to be impartial as I gather the facts from arguments, disputes, falsehoods, deception, and bias. The process begins with fact gathering which usually includes the complaint, when it was lodged, the complainant(s), when the dispute occurred, what the workplace has done up until contacting me, and a summary of the actions and who was involved.

Next, I move to conducting interviews with the accuser (the Complainant) and the accused (the Respondent) as well as any “witnesses” who can support either party. Once all the data and evidence are gathered, I analyze everything and write a report for the employer in which I lay out what I uncovered and my general recommendations for action, if requested.

I am always conscious of the fact that a workplace investigation is emotion-laden and that accusing parties expect retribution and the accused party expects vindication; however, I report on the facts and just the facts as I must sift through and read between the lines of the disputes to arrive at evidence-based conclusions. I also include a debrief with the organization representative(s) and answer questions on the thoroughly-written report.

Independent workplace investigations are billed at 375.00 + GST per hour