Conflict Mediation: Helping You Solve Problems

Conflict Mediation in action as a group of people are sitting close to each other while the mediator is talking and gesturing

Pre-Mediation: In this stage, we determine if mediation should proceed. At this stage, I introduce myself and have each party do the same so that we can all be transparent. I also clarify the issues to ascertain how you came to where you are that required mediation.

Beginning mediation: This stage is to establish a collaborative tone and a framework for the sessions.

Discussing interests: I assist you in understanding each other’s perspectives by focussing on and making explicit both individual and common interests.

Planning action: This last stage involves agreeing on how the conflict will be resolved and usually includes tasks to be complete by each individual.

This service is billed at 375.00 + GST/per hour.

Please watch the brief video below on conflict mediation/helping you solve problems and think about what you see that represents a typical conflict situation and how to deal with it. Of course, like any personality-based situation, there is a great deal of variance so the focus is always on helping you solve problems.

Watch this brief video on what conflict mediation can look like in the workplace or in the home.